Paulson lectures

Paulson Lectures in the Study of Religion


Ivar Paulson lectures focus on the most noteworthy topics, issues and new developments in the contemporary study of religion. Ivar Paulson (1922-1966) was known for the wide range of peoples, religious beliefs and practices he was interested in and which he studied by combining a number of different research approaches. Similarly, Paulson lectures aim to highlight and bring together some of the more significant developments from various approaches and perspectives in the contemporary study of religion.


First Paulson lectures were held in November 2022 by the well-known scholar of Indian Tantra, Paolo E. Rosati. He is a distinguished scholar of Indian Tantra, in particular of its historical development in the wider social, cultural and religious context. The lectures can viewed here:

Tantra and Beyond

The Cult of the Goddess Kāmākhyā (Assam)

Blood, Sex, and Magic: The Power of the Yonipīṭha at Kāmākhyā