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Statement of Estonian academic societies in relation to the crisis in Ukraine

Estonian academic societies express their deep indignation about the military invasion of the Russian Federation into sovereign Ukraine. The current situation does not leave any space for illusions that the Putinist imperial formation might change politically and morally. Relying on our nation’s historical experience and our academic competence, we know only too well what the national chauvinism of the aggressor state and its will to suffocate peoples’ independence, self-determination and free thought mean. The wish of the current regime of the Russian Federation to assert itself but also its weakness is shown by creating festering crisis pockets on its borders. We can see that Russia will not be able not achieve much more than that in Ukraine either. Still, the war has already caused sufferings and losses to millions. We express our support to the Ukrainian academic community and wish them determination in defence of their state and democratic values.

The great sufferings of the Ukrainian country and people are starting to bring it home to the Western welfare society how far the Russian Federation is ready to go for the sake of the ambitions of its authoritarian leaders. We are convinced that the West must show greater unity than ever before, be irreconcilable towards the aggression and jointly oppose Putinist imperialism. Currently, we can see a U-turn in the West against Kremlin’s aggressive activity. Relying on our knowledge and competence, we can contribute to the increase of social expertise in the West. Let’s do it! We are always ready to support our Ukrainian colleagues with advice and skills in our specialities and otherwise, now and in the future. Violence cannot suppress academic freedom, no matter how critical the situation is. Let’s keep and protect it!


9 March 2022


Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Estonian Academic Folklore Society

Estonian Academic Theological Society

Estonian Association of Engineers

Estonian Association of Sociologists

Estonian Biochemical Society

Estonian Chemical Society

Estonian Economic Association

Estonian Geographical Society

Estonian Learned Society in Sweden

Estonian Mathematical Society

Estonian Mother Tongue Society

Estonian Musicological Society

Estonian Naturalists’ Society

Estonian Oriental Society

Estonian Physical Society

Estonian Semiotics Association

Estonian Society for Immunology and Allergology

Estonian Society for the Study of Religions

Estonian Society of Human Genetics

Estonian Society of Toxicology

Estonian Union of the History and Philosophy of Science

Learned Estonian Society

Society of Estonian Areal Studies

Supporting: University of Tartu School of Theology and Religious Studies